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1. General and contact data

AMERICAN TOWER CORPORATION DE MEXICO, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. (“American Tower”) addressed at Juan Vázquez de Mella número 481, piso 5, Colonia Los Morales, Polanco, C.P. 11510, Miguel Hidalgo, México, D.F., informs you that for everything related to the processing of your personal data, that you disclose to us (hereinafter “Personal Data”), American Tower will be the data controller and will be committed to the protection of your privacy.

You may contact ATC for any purpose concerning this Privacy Notice by leaving e-mail for the Privacy Officer and/or Data Protection Officer at, or contacting that Officer at +1-617-375-7500 or 116 Huntington Avenue, 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02116.

Using American Tower’s websites, it is considered as you have consented the obtaining of your Personal Data and the other practices that are described on this privacy notice.

2. Personal Data collected

Personal Data that American Tower may request you those necessary in order to comply and/or fulfill your relationship with American Tower and/or your principal and which may be: i) complete name; ii) address; iii) telephone; iv) e-mail or website, and v) company that your represent.

American Tower will not request data considered by the Federal Data Protection Law Held by Private Parties (“Law”) as sensible data. In case of the request of sensible Personal Data, we will request your express and written consent for its obtaining and processing, as it is provided by the Law.

In case that you do not grant us your express consent for the processing of your Personal Data, we may not be able to establish a relationship with you.

For any doubt or comment in relation of your Personal Data, you may contact our Privacy Department through our contact data.

3. Obtaining your Personal Data

American Tower may obtain your Personal Data, directly by you or when you disclose it to us by other authorized via, such as this website or our e-mail.

Likewise, we inform you that American Tower’s websites obtain automatically Personal Data through cookies. “Cookies” are small pieces of information stored automatically on your hard drive by your web browser. You can avoid of using cookies in your computer by configuring it, please bear in mind that this action could limit the functionality of American Tower’s websites.

4. Purposes to collect and use your Personal Data

Your Personal Data will be used for the purposes that are considered necessary for the commencement, existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the legal relationship between American Tower and you. The purposes for which American Tower will obtain and use your Personal Data are: i) the fulfillment and development of the contractual obligations or commercial agreements that you have or may enter into with American Tower or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries; ii) create data bases for providing our services; iii) give information requested by bodies or government authorities or to comply the provisions related to American Tower’s business in Mexico or abroad, and iv) contact and attend any of your comply, questions or suggestions.

Additionally, your contact Personal Data will be used for: i) advertising and/or commercial-research purposes; ii) create data bases for research, statistics or marketing; iii) evaluate the quality of American Tower’s services; iv) send notifications, ads or publicity about our products or services; v) send information, magazines and news that we consider that may interest you, as news, communications and advertisements of American Tower and its related companies. The aforementioned purposes are not considered as strictly necessary for the existence, maintenance or compliance of your commercial relationship with American Tower, you may deny your consent for the processing of your Personal Data for such purposes by sending us an e-mail.

5. How do we protect our Personal Data?

We are committed to protect your Personal Data with the organizational, physical and technical security measures provided by the Law and its Regulations, to avoid its damage, lost, destruction, theft, alteration and/or its unauthorized processing.

American Tower stores and do the processing of your Personal Data through computer systems or through the Internet, we inform you that by the situation that not all of the electronic communications are totally secure and that computer systems are exposed to vulnerabilities that could affect their operation or security, therefore American Tower does not guarantee that there will not be any damages, loss, destruction, alterations or unauthorized processing.

6. Your rights – How may you access, rectify, suppress or reject the processing or transference of your Personal Data?

As the data owner of your Personal Data, in accordance with the Law and its Regulations, you may access the Personal Data that we possess and to the detail of how we process such data; rectify in case that such data is incomplete or inexact; suppress in case that such data is no longer required for any of the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Notice, or are being used for purposes that have not been consented by you, or reject to their processing for specific purposes.

For purposes of the foregoing, you may request to exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression or rejection to the processing of your Personal Data (“ARCO rights”) before American Tower according to the established in the Law, and through a written request sent to our physical address or e-mail, indicating: i) name and address, ii) copy of a valid official identification (passport, voter’s credential or driver’s license); iii) clear and exact description of the Personal Data you wish to access or rectify, suppress or reject to its processing, and any other element that might ease the localization of your data; iv) your written signature, as well as v) any other requirement provided by the Law and/or other applicable provisions.

American Tower will give a response of any complete request in a maximum term of 20 business days or any other longer term authorized by the Law. American Tower’s response will indicate if your request of access, rectification, suppression or rejection is granted, and if it is the case, American Tower will make effective its determination within the 15 business days following such notice to you or your representative. Such terms may be extended as provided by the Law. American Tower will provide you with electronic copies of your Personal Data, in case you exercise your right of access.

7. Limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data

You have the right to limit the use or disclosure of your Personal Data for the purposes that are not necessary for our legal relationship. Therefore, if you do not want to receive any communications or advertisements of our company, please send us an e-mail or mail addressed to our Privacy Department, indicating us of that situation and we will include you in the no-contact registry of American Tower, and we will give you proof of your registration thereof, as requested.

8. Revoke your consent for processing your Personal Data

You may, at any time, revoke your consent granted for the processing of your Personal Data by contacting our Privacy Department, by contacting us through our contact data. We inform you that in the event you revoke your consent for the processing your Personal Data, we may not be able to continue our legal relationship.

9. Transfer of your Personal Data – With who do we share your Personal Data?

As of the activities related to the management and administration of American Tower, we may transfer your Personal Data with our holding company or/and some or all of our affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees and/or the same economic group in Mexico or abroad, whenever they operate through the same processes and internal policies; in such cases, American Tower may transfer your Personal Data without your express consent. Likewise, American Tower reserves the right to share your Personal Data with any administrative or governmental authorities in Mexico or abroad, whenever a law or a judicial so provides. American Tower will not require your consent for these transfers. American Tower will share your information when subcontracting third parties; including lawyers, auditors, accountants or technical staff that need to process your information on behalf of American Tower and pursuant to its instructions.

Likewise, your Personal Data, may be shared to any prospect, potential buyer or acquirer. Likewise, we may share your Personal Data to third parties interested in executing business or a legal relationship with us, grant financial services, acquire shares or assets of American Tower or its shareholders or affiliates in Mexico or abroad, or interested in merging with American Tower. You may deny your consent for the transfers mentioned in this paragraph by letting us know through any of our contact data.

Except of the mentioned cases, American Tower will not transfer your Personal Data to third parties, with exception to the cases provided on the Law or any other applicable provision.

10. Storage of your Personal Data

American Tower, directly or through any other of its affiliates or subsidiaries, may store your Personal Data in data bases located in the Mexican Republic or abroad, with no limitation, except for the time periods provided by the applicable provisions, as well as to comply the purposes provided in this privacy policy and the provisions of the Law, its Regulations and any other applicable provisions.

11. Modifications to the Privacy Notice, Legislation and Jurisdiction

The company shall have right to modify or update, at any moment, this privacy notice to respond to legal developments, internal policies or new requirements for the provision and offer of our products.

In case of modifications to this privacy notice, it will be notified through your email. It may be communicated on our website or through communications posted on our offices. At any case, you will have the right to cancel or rectify your Personal Data, as to limit its use or diffusion in case of amendments to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Notice and the processing of your Personal Data are governed by the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Entities and the rest of the laws and regulations of the United Mexican States. The acceptance of this Privacy Notice and/or the mere continuance in the rendering of your services after this Privacy Notice is delivered to you, implies an express written acceptance, of its terms and conditions as well as your express consent to it and waving of competence in favor of the Courts of Mexico City, Federal District, for any claim or dispute resultant from this Privacy Notice.

If you consider that your right of protection of Personal Data has been damaged by any conduct of our employers or our actions, or you consider that exist any violation to your statutory rights, you may file a claim before the Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection, for more information please enter to


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